A work in progress.

biscuits 1 side

I follow a lot of food blogs these days.  They’re a great source of inspiration (for both cooking and photography), knowledge, and amusement.  But now that I’ve created this space of my own to share my food thoughts, I feel pressure (from nobody but myself) to create perfect, original recipes, because that’s what I see (or think I see) on other blogs.  “I should be creating and testing recipes and only posting those that I’ve honed to perfection”, I say to myself.

Well, I don’t have time for that.  Unfortunately.  So here is a story about a recipe that I screwed up.

I started making biscuits and gravy in college.  Back in the homeland, the dish a breakfast staple.  It’s delicious.  And when I say I started making biscuits and gravity in college, I mean I made a milk gravy with Jimmy Dean sausage and served it over Pillsbury biscuits.  My friends were always impressed.  But I’ve come so far since then…

Only recently has the flame of my biscuit love been reignited.  I wish I knew what set the spark, but I suppose it doesn’t matter.  So a couple of weeks ago I followed a recipe from my copy of West Coast Cooking by Greg Atkinson (a solid, unflashy kind of cookbook) for part whole-wheat yogurt biscuits.  And it yielded some really good biscuits — tender and flakey.

But then I saw this, and all of a sudden there was so much more I could be doing for my biscuits! (the comments are very good as well)  I followed the recipe, egg wash, flakey salt, and all, with the one modification of exchanging the buttermilk for yogurt.  I almost always have plain yogurt on hand (hardly ever buttermilk), and I’ve had so much success with this swap in other recipes.  But the dough didn’t have enough moisture to combine well enough to roll out.  With the addition of a little milk and some extra kneading, they came together.  The result was a beautiful, flavorful, perfectly salty biscuit that was far too dense and tough.  What a disappointment.

biscuits 1 front

More to come on biscuits (and gravy).



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