A wonderful gift.

Perhaps the gift I was most excited to give this Christmas was a gift to a complete stranger.  I signed up for the Food52 secret gift swap weeks ago.  Last Monday night, I baked a batch of my favorite ginger cookies, packaged them up with a jar of my homemade roasted tomato jam from this past summer, and tucked in a little woolen fox ornament and shipped it off to Canton, Ohio.  I forgot to take a photo, but here’s one taken by its recipient.

I got home late tonight to find that my secret Food52 package had come in the mail.  Local honey, smoked salt, and organic soap all from Washington DC.  Also a ginger cake, mince pies, and a jar of port and rosemary cranberry sauce reminiscent of my gifter’s many Christmases in the UK.  And to top it off, a copy of a novel about Portland that she bought when she visited.  Even a Christmas card that incorporates a panda bear!  This stranger knows me…


This was so much fun!



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